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Michele Mikki Jones

Our Senior Event Project Manager

Published author, speaker, poet, advocate, business owner and graduate of Norfolk State University.


I am passionate about the planning of strategically organized and well executed events. As owner of a progressively innovative event planning company, I am committed to helping event hosts bring their dreams to life and creating a “this side of magical” experience for them and their guests.


I believe that events are critical elements in business that offer an interactive environment for the sole purpose of deepening the relationship between the host and audience.


As the projects event manager, I bring with me years of experience and expertise as an event planner. And my love for technology, along with a listening ear and vibrant energy, help our clients carry out their mission of success for their signature event.


At Ease & Excellence Event Planning, we love working with community influencers, entrepreneurs, corporate partners, and business owners who see events as the powerful tool it is!  These are the go-getters who understand that growing the brand fosters the engagement and creates a space where people can learn skills and gather information that will forever transform their lives – now and in the future.


Having attendees walk away with a new mindset, ready to implement, ready to grow – That’s the Magic!

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The Red Carpet Story

It's not every day you get to entertain beyond your wildest dreams!

Ease & Excellence Event Planning was well into handling "events" way before it became a "business".  After years of hosting and managing ellaborate birthday parties and holiday gatherings that celebrated milestone moments, timeless ages, and great achievements as well as managing inspirational banquets with food and people galore, it was time to turn the fun of backyard barbeques, pool parties, and family retreats into a full on business to help others who might find planning such events to be tedious, tiresome and a bit overhelming. 

The goal of our company is to help you (as the host of your event) to ENJOY!

  • Enjoy the people

  • Enjoy the energy

  • Enjoy the moment


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